Customer Support

Customer Support

SEM Applications, Inc. provides 24/7 technical support and access to online training as defined by our
Service Level Agreement.

Telephone support:

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8 AM CST to 5 PM CST
Phones are answered live during business hours. Calls are assessed for purpose (sales, technical support, training, development, etc.) and then directed to the appropriate staff for response and follow up. Messages during business hours are returned the same day according to the Priority Status Code. After-hours general calls are forwarded to the voicemail system and answered the next business day. After-hours emergency calls (incoming calls to 866-615-9344 with Priority Code A and B) are forwarded to the voicemail system and answered by the first available tech, usually within 2 hours.

Email support:

Monitored Monday-Friday 8 am CST to 5 pm CST
Emails received via support email during business hours will receive a response within 4 hours. Emails received outside of office hours will be collected; however, no action can be guaranteed until the next working day. Please call for emergency support.