Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us

Our Story

SEM Applications, Inc. has been dedicated to providing quality software solutions for guardians, conservators, and related professionals since 1997, positioning us as an industry leader in Estate Management Software.
The EMS application was initially developed for the Holt County Missouri Public Administrator—the developer’s father. After watching his dad put in long hours serving a growing number of indigent clients without the benefit of industry specific software, Stan set to work creating a program that would give his dad the tools necessary to track client demographics, manage bank accounts, record case notes, and create organized court accountings. Working with his dad, Stan was able to understand the demands of the profession and build an application that would be responsive to the unique needs of guardianship. Recognizing the impact of this development across the industry, Stan launched SEM Applications, Inc. to share the tools with other public administrators across the state.
Christened as EMS (Estate Management Software), the program was first developed as a Desktop (client/server) application. The software quickly became a multi-functional tool for individuals and organizations, both public and private, in Missouri and beyond. In 2008, the EMS Web application took the functionality of the desktop application and gave it wings! With EMS web, customers are no longer tied to the office. Instead, data can be accessed from any computer, mobile device, or smartphone via internet connection and web browser, giving our customers the freedom to work when and where they choose with full access to client data.
The popularity of the EMS application is widespread. Today, SEM Applications, Inc. serves more than 325 customers in 30 different states that range from individual family guardians to state agencies. Each relationship underscores our commitment to customer service and demonstrates a proven ability to deliver comprehensive software services. We continually strive to enhance our product in response to the changing needs of our customers while maintaining dependable customer service. System enhancements are driven equally by industry trends and standards, organizational goals, long-range planning derived from active participation with state and national guardianship associations, and customer-specific development. In this way each of our customers benefits from the ideas and experiences of other offices with complete anonymity.
Although our company has grown over the last 20 years, our mission remains the same. We are committed to support individuals and organizations caring for the elderly, incapacitated, and vulnerable by providing secure, multi-functional, affordable software solutions backed by dependable customer service. We believe it is our dedication to customer service that sets us apart and the quality and evolution of our product that will allow us to remain a leader in Estate Management software for years to come.

Meet our Leadership Team

We are often asked what sets SEM Applications, Inc. apart within our field. Hands down, the answer is our dedicated staff! It is not enough to have an industry leading product if you don’t have the right staff to back it up. Each member of the team brings their unique strengths to the table to serve our customers. Although we are each very different in personality, interests, skill sets, and perspective, we share a common purpose—building lasting relationships with our customers to consistently support you in the work you do.

Stanley Meng


As owner and creator, Stan is SEM Applications, Inc. In fact, the company is built on his initials (Stanley Edward Meng) as well as his design ideas. Stan is an experienced Database Administrator, Developer, and Software Designer, with a BS in Computer Science from Northwest Missouri State University. Prior to launching EMS, he worked as a Project Manager and Database Designer for Nations Holding Company and as a Database Administrator and Senior Developer for JP Morgan/Chase. As president, his leadership and experience sets the tone for the company’s commitment to professionalism and quality customer service. Stan’s interests outside his company include family and farming.

Michele Kunkel

Billing/Administrative Manager

Michele has been with SEM Applications, Inc.since 2009.  She has held a number of roles from answering phones to technical support and billing. Her background in administration makes her a versatile team member—so much so that her position as Billing/Administrative Manager is only a part of her current role. She also provides technical support and software testing, which allows her to stay connected to our customers and to the EMS application. “I have developed relationships with many of our customers so that when they call, they still expect me to be the one to answer their questions. That’s one of the things I love—occasionally, when they call, we even have an opportunity to talk for a minute or two about things beyond the software.” Michele loves drawing, nature, meals with her family, and her brand new grandbaby.

Laura Elder

Customer Relations Manager

Laura joined the team in 2011, bringing an outgoing spirit and a heart for problem solving and training. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Human Relations and more than 10 years of experience in marketing, client management, and training, but it is her ‘how can I help the customer’ attitude that makes her a perfect fit for SEM Applications, Inc. “We may be a software company, but our business is about people. The more I can understand about our customer’s individual needs and processes, the better I can help them learn how to use EMS to their best advantage.” Laura loves reading, baking, spending time with her family, and wishes she loved exercise just a little bit more.

Caitlin Robinson

Projects Manager

Caitlin started at SEM Applications, Inc. in early 2014, and enjoys the frequent interaction she has with our clients in her role as Project Manager. “I love feeling like what I do makes a difference, because the people I talk to every day help their communities by caring for those who often cannot care for themselves.” She has a BA in English from William Jewell College, as well as experience in training and management; her unique skill set makes her an asset to the company in the areas of training and technical writing. Caitlin enjoys cooking, writing fiction, and spending time with her fiancé and soon-to-be stepdaughter.


Our mission is to support individuals and organizations caring for the elderly, incapacitated, and vulnerable by providing secure, multi-functional, affordable software solutions backed by dependable customer service.


We believe in the work you do and the product we provide. We strive to continually enhance our software, provide exceptional customer service, and build lasting relationships with the customers we serve.